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April Hibberd - $1,551.68


Bays Family of Mules!

Bonilla Family of Mules

Britta Schletter - $100

Coty Davis - $20

Jeff Burrows

June Carr - $20

Kate McCartney - $225

Kelly Soper - $120

Lana DesTroimaisons - $65

Melissa Jones

Melissa Sheehan - $150

Michele Giarrocco & Jon Butler - $655

Michelle Fredrickson - $190

Richard Keller

Sandra & Al Kent - $710

Shelley Bushway

Talamini Family of Mules! - $75

Tara Bailey Family of Mules!

Tisdale Family of Mules!


Amanda St. Jean - $180

Haley Kelley - $40

Team Bella

Team Bella on top of Mt. Washington Team Bella on top of Mt. Washington

This August I will climb Mt. Washington (via the auto road) for the 4th time with the help of my “mules” as a fundraiser for ASPNC (Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country). 

My relationship began with ASPNC on my 9th birthday when my mom called them to see if they could help facilitate a winter hike at the Rocks Estate with my friends as my Birthday Party.  It was a magical day that ended around a fire with s’mores.   The volunteers were amazing and we left that day feeling like we just made some wonderful new friends.

Since then, my circle of “volunteer” friends has grown significantlyas I have participated in hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, bocce,and wheelchair soccer (my 12th birthday party was a wheelchairsoccer party!).  My experience with ASPNC is so much more thanproviding me with adaptive sports . . . it is

providing me with lifeexperiences, friendships, and precious


I will forever be grateful for the opportunities that ASPNC has given

me and am honored to be a part of Sunrise Ascent (an amazingly

inspirational event in itself) to help ASPNC raise money to be able

to continue providing services to myself and others that are so

crucial for our quality of life.

Please help Team Bella reach our goal.  Check out my facebook

page for information on my fundraisers.

Thanks SO much!!!
Bella Hibberd

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