Meet Martin's Sunrise Ascent Team
Team Captains

Jennifer Tracy (And Family) - $435

Cara Wallem (And Family!) - $1,380


Amanda Arneil

Arliene Pearson - $355

Bodo Wallem - $40

Carol Ayer - $355

Darren Baird - $2,185.76

David & Elaine Gabriel - $943.80

Doug Reid - $400

Gary Biadasz - $550

Greg Cushman - $1,000

June Rogier - $225

John Gutowski - $30

Jack Greene - $595.76

Jeremy Ward - $105

Kaila Ryan - $355

Michael Bell - $105.34

Patty Baxter & Steve Reardon - $100

Renate Martl-Wallem - $2150

William Ayres - $122.88



Susan Cushman

Charles & June Ayers - $20

Ronnie Comesana - $62.88

Katherine Morrison

Sandy Olney - $100

Meet Martin (Click here to visit his Fundraising Page​​)

Team Martin

Martin Wallem was a landscaper and an outdoorsman.  He loved to hunt, fish, hike, ski, and snowboard.  About ten years ago, Martin was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.  Martin became determined to live life as fully as possible despite his devastating and progressive illness.  He is an inspiration to anyone struggling with a life threatening illness and to anyone who has met him or participated in any of the adventures that feed his soul.

Martin is also a family man.  His wife Cara is instrumental in his care and in helping him stay connected to his friends and to the activities that he loves.  His son, Martin Wallem, Jr. is very close to his dad and participates right along with him in skiing and hiking, activities made possible through Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country.  As his wife Cara says, “Martin thrives on these activities, and it is a critical part of his well being and quality of life.”

Martin had a seemingly unimaginable goal of returning to the top of Mount Washington.  In August 2010, Martin was able to realize that goal with the assistance of the Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country.  Preparations to reach the 6,288-foot summit began in the middle of the night and the party started out long before sunrise.  Martin’s life

support system rested between his legs.  Members of the hiking

party took turns acting as Sherpas to guide, push, and pull the

Trail Rider, a special piece of adaptive equipment.  Upon reaching

the top, Martin was over come with emotion.  He had proved that

almost anything is possible through determination, willingness to

take risks, and the help of others.  Martin is resolved to make this

arduous journey again to the top of Mount Washington as part of

the upcoming fundraiser for the organization that has made his

dreams possible. 


Please join Martin and his team by supporting the Sunrise Ascent.

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